'Grumpy' Senior Dog Is Too Stubborn to Participate in His Hydrotherapy Exercises — Watch

Lil Hobbs prefers to be pulled around the pool by his trainer instead of doing any real working out during his hydrotherapy sessions in San Diego, California

Meet the grumpy dog who hilariously refuses to participate in his hydrotherapy sessions.

Twelve-year-old Lil Hobbs regularly attends hydrotherapy sessions for his health conditions.

But the senior dog doesn't make the exercises easy, often waiting for the instructor to drag him around the pool.

Kathryn H., a 34-year-old university administrator from San Diego, California, adopted Lil Hobbs on Christmas Eve 2016 from Tails of Love Animal Rescue, a New Jersey/New York-based animal rescue group.

Through her years with Lil Hobbs, Kathryn has helped the dog with several health issues, including cataracts, arthritis, loose and fractured teeth, and permanent a hobble in the pup's walk.

As treatment for Hobbs' arthritis and hobbling walk, Kathryn started the pooch on hydrotherapy in July 2021 at The Animal Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Center in San Diego, California.

Hydrotherapy, which uses a water treadmill, is a great low-impact exercise for Hobbs, who's slowly building up his endurance so he can walk and swim for longer, but the canine isn't a massive fan of working out.

"He is just a generally grumpy dog! He's not fond of exercising, so will just refuse," Kathryn told SWNS. "He is also not great with other people, so he can be a bit spicy at the sessions."

"He's still a grumpy old man, but I love him regardless," the owner added.

Grumpy dog water treadmill

Others have fallen in love with Lil Hobbs and his dislike for exercise through the dog's social media accounts.

Kathryn told SWNS that the most incredible part of Lil Hobbs' large social media platform is how it helps her contribute to organizations and causes that she loves.

Lil Hobbs and his owner have raised thousands of dollars for local animal rescues and now have an ongoing campaign to raise money for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

"I love making Hobbs content, so it's mostly just a fun side hobby for me," Kathryn said about Lil Hobbs' social media presence, including an Instagram with over 91,000 followers. "I never imagined so many people from all over the world would follow him and have so much love for him."

"We have an incredibly kind fan base, so I'm really thankful that their generosity and engagement helps make his charity work possible," she added.

Kathryn hopes others experiencing Lil Hobbs' fun personality on social media will be encouraged to adopt a senior dog of their own.

"Being a pet owner does take time and energy, but it's completely worth it," she shared.

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