February 02, 2015 07:30 PM

Seahawks and Patriots are so yesterday. It’s time to turn your attention to a new rumble in the animal world that could affect the next few months of your life.

While they were cleaning up the confetti at the University of Phoenix stadium Monday morning, Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck popped out of the ground to make good on their annual duty. Surrounded by throngs of people, both groundhogs searched for their shadows in an effort to determine our meteorological future.

The only issue is, the burrowers came up with different answers.

Pennsylvania-based Phil caught sight of his shadow and retreated back into the ground, and in doing so predicted six more weeks of winter. Meanwhile, in New York, Chuck saw no shadow and thus declared spring will come early this year.

Obviously, our hopes are with the Big Apple groundhog. Sun sure sounds nice in this wintery mix – but who is truly the better weatherman?

The frozen states will just have to wait it out to uncover the actual answer, but choosing sides makes everything more fun.

Where do your allegiances lie? Did veteran Phil make the right call, or did furry upstart Chuck just predict the future?

Sound off on your chosen groundhog below.

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