Graziella Puleo of Lake Worth Beach, Florida, said "the hair dye still has yet to come out" in a Facebook post made three weeks after her dog's salon visit

By Jen Juneau
August 20, 2019 11:43 AM

A frustrated Florida woman is speaking out about a recent trip to a well-reviewed dog groomer, after the groomer dyed her dog’s ears and eyebrows pink and green without her permission.

Speaking to WPTV West Palm Beachthis week, Graziella Puleo recalled taking her Goldendoodle, Lola, to Amores Pet Salon Dog Grooming Day Care Boarding Spa in Lake Worth Beach to get a fur trim, nail clipping and teeth and ear cleaning on July 28, and how she got an unexpected (and unwelcome) surprise when she went to pick up her dog.

“I saw my dog come out the back room with green eyebrows and pink ears,” Puleo told the station. “When I asked [the groomer] why she dyed her hair, her response was she felt the dog was missing something. She offered to take it off for me but I just wanted to take my dog home.”

Puleo also said Lola’s teeth weren’t cleaned because the groomer told her the pup didn’t like the process and they didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. She further alleged that Lola had developed an infection on her belly following her salon treatment that required an emergency visit to the vet.

“The vet said she got the infection from her having the open wound and bacteria getting into it,” Puleo said.

Graziella Puleo’s dog Lola
Graziella Puleo/ Facebook
Graziella Puleo’s dog Lola
Graziella Puleo/ Facebook

Puleo spoke to The Palm Beach Post about the incident too, admitting, “I almost cried.”

“I noticed they’d shaved her eyebrows off and tried to fix the mistake by drawing green eyebrows on her,” she said, recalling of her initial reaction, “She looks like you painted on her and were trying to turn her into a clown.”

“We did wrong about the color. We should have offered her first,” the salon owner, Raquel Adams, told the Post. “The young lady, she’s very sweet. We wanted to make her happy. We beautify the dog … if we see it’s missing something, we do color, sometimes, the dog.”

Adams added in her conversation with the outlet that Lola’s infection came from canine constantly “licking” an irritated area, instead of giving the area “a chance to heal,” while Puleo told the Post that the salon had refunded her $150 treatment fee and offered a free follow-up service, which she is planning to decline.

Graziella Puleo’s dog Lola
Graziella Puleo/ Facebook

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In a Facebook post on Saturday, Puleo said the incident was “definitely a traumatizing experience” for Lola, and that she hopes “this grooming service has learned their lesson and no other dog out there has to go through the pain they cause[d] mine.”

However, “the hair dye still has yet to come out” — and, according to WPTV, Puleo’s veterinarian said it won’t completely come out until Lola’s fur grows out on its own.

“All I wanted was for people out there to see what happened, get justice for my dog and make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else,” Puleo wrote in another post, on Monday.