Great White Shark Tracked Off Long Island Sound for the First Time: See Where the Shark Is Now!

The shark tagging organization OCEARCH located Cabot near Greenwich, Connecticut, just days after the great white was seen off the coast of North Carolina

A great white shark has been located swimming in the waters near Amity Island — the fictional Martha’s Vineyard-like setting of the thriller Jaws.

According to OCEARCH, an organization that tracks ocean life, the great white shark was detected in the Long Island Sound, just days after first being spotted off the coast of North Carolina.

Announcing the discovery on Twitter, OCEARCH shared photos of a great white shark, who they call Cabot, as well as his location off the coast of Greenwich, Connecticut. The organization shared that this is the “first time ever” a great white has been tracked into the Long Island Sound.

“Be advised! For the first time ever, we are tracking a white shark in the Long Island Sound,” the tweet read. “9’ 8” @GWSharkCabot is just off the shore near Greenwich. Follow him using the browser on any device at”

According to the Tweet, Cabot measures 9 feet 8 inches long, and was originally tagged in Nova Scotia last year.

Cabot has his own Twitter account with a bio stating, “I’m a great white shark tagged by OCEARCH in Nova Scotia. SeaWorld named me using suggestions from Nova Scotians after the explorer John Cabot.”

The account contains a number of comedic posts which include Cabot’s ever-changing location on a map and a photo of the great white when he was tagged.

“I heard sending a ping from the Long Island Sound had never been done before by a white shark … so naturally I had to visit and send one off,” the account joked in the Tweet. “Hello Greenwich how are you today?!”

On OCEARCH’s website, the Ocean Tracker shows that Cabot, who weights in at 533 lbs., has left the Long Island Sound to cruise around the oceanside of Long Island. OCEARCH told PEOPLE Cabot is currently southwest of Montauk, Long Island.

The Ocean Tracker is available to all inquisitive shark fans, and allows anyone to track the latest locations of all the sharks OCEARCH has tagged.

Cabot is not the only one looking to spend Memorial Day weekend in the waters off the northeast United States, great whites Hal, Brunswick, and Jane have all “pinged” close to the east coast in the past week.

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