Learn how you can adopt a "career change" dog from the TSA or a service dog non-profit
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Every dog is perfect, some just aren’t cut out for government work.

Having a canine career, like being a detection dog or working as a police canine, requires months of training. Many of the dogs who go through these programs graduate to and go into the work force. But some don’t make it to the finish line, not because they aren’t hard workers, but because their unique personalities make them easy to distract or more timid in certain situations.

While these traits make them unsuitable for government work, they are still amazing, well-trained dogs looking to make others happy. That’s why government organizations like the TSA have canine adoption programs which allow animal lovers to bring one of the “failed” students home as a forever family member.

Many non-profit service dog organizations also adopt out their “career change” dogs, who turn out not to be suited for service dog work. Each organization, whether it be a non-profit, or part of the government, has its own rules when it comes to adoption, but many require a fee and a meet-and-greet with the dog to check compatibility.

Along with adopting out dogs who didn’t pass the test, some organizations also adopt out retired working and service dogs who have done their part and are now looking to spend their golden years relaxing in a loving home.

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According to Insider, Mission K9 is one group that helps find these furry retirees forever homes. Service Dogs Inc., which trains rescue pups to be working and service dogs, also has career change canines that you can adopt. These dogs are often adopted out with three months of obedience training.

If you are looking for a loving pet that is also a great listener, adopting a former dog student might be the perfect choice for you.

The idea of adopting a well-trained flunky is appealing to many pet parents, though, so be prepared to wait for years before a dog becomes available for adoption.