This rather odd couple from New Zealand has stuck together for a decade

Will they be giving each other tin – or diamonds – to commemorate the occasion?

It’s unlikely, but given the unusual longevity of this relationship, anything is possible.

According to New Zealand’s Grisborne Herald, a goose and a Highland bull at the lush Knapdale Eco Lodge have been best friends for 10 years. The bull came into the goose’s life after the bird lost his previous partner, a goose that was killed in a fight, possibly with an emu at the lodge.

Geese breed for life, and so the loss of this particular goose’s mate was hard to take. Two weeks later, a bull named Hamish was born to the cattle herd at the lodge, and something just clicked.

“I can remember the goose lying in the paw of the calf,” lodge owner Kees Weytmans told the Herald. “They’ve been mates every since.”

While the affection might mostly be one-way, with the goose doing most of the doting, the bull still tolerates the bird’s presence – in spite of her occasional flashes of possessiveness.

“The goose normally keeps the other animals away from Hamish,” Weytmans said. “She is exceptionally jealous.”