Google Wants to Help Track Down the Loch Ness Monster

Google Street View recently mapped out the entire Scottish loch above and below the water

It was 81 years ago that one of Scotland’s biggest stars broke onto the mythology scene.

On April 21, 1934, “Surgeon’s Photograph,” one of the most infamous shots of the Loch Ness Monster, was published, starting a worldwide fascination with the water creature that lasts to this day.

To commemorate the rise of this cryptid, Google harnessed its almighty powers to help the Nessie believers of the world search the famous loch themselves. Google Street View recently mounted its imaging equipment on a boat and set out to photograph every section of the loch above and below the water, according to The Atlantic.

Google also worked with monster sighting examiner Adrian Shine to go through the initial data, to ensure any questionable waves or shadows were thoroughly checked for proof of Nessie.

Now all the images are open to the public through Google Maps, which allows users to wade through the depths of the loch to search for the beast.

Try a little amateur monster hunting yourself by checking out the new map from Nessie’s perspective.

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