This Golden Retriever Had the Time of His Life Visiting Dolphins at a Florida Aquarium

Proof that friendship knows no bounds

This pup wants to be part of their world.

Kevin, an adorable golden retriever from Tampa, Florida, got to expand his horizons, check out a whole new habitat and meet some friends when he visited Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

The year-old dog boasts 210,000 followers on Instagram and is known for his very fashionable hat collection, which he shows off while going on adventures. His favorite? A duck hat.

Well, it turns out that Kevin isn't the only one who has an admiration for ducks! Clearwater Marine Aquarium is home to a dolphin named Winter who also loves her feathered friends. Before Kevin's visit, Winter and her animal care specialist, Katie Wojdyla, sent a video to Kevin, showing off Winter's favorite toy — a big rubber ducky, naturally — and asking for a playdate.

The pair then FaceTimed and planned their meet-up! Kevin’s owner, Elysse Gorney, told Travel + Leisure the fun-loving pup took a field trip to the aquarium on Aug. 7. "Kevin had the entire aquarium to himself and he met so many new friends," Gorney said.

Kevin was probably a little starstruck, as Winter is widely known for receiving a prosthetic tail after getting caught in a crab trap, and for being the star of films such as Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2. He also met the aquarium's other dolphins, Hope, PJ, Nicholas, and Hemingway, at the brand-new Ruth & J.O. Stone Dolphin Complex. Kevin even got to take a dip in Winter's old tank: What a pawfect day!

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