Golden Retriever Rescued After Getting Stuck in an Ice-Filled Drainage Pipe in Maine

Firefighters and police officers from Falmouth, Maine, worked for more than an hour to save the dog, and the golden retriever thanked them with appreciative kisses

Dog Rescued From Drainage Pipe
Photo: Falmouth Fire-EMS

Firefighters and police officers worked together to free a golden retriever from an ice-filled plastic drainage pipe in Falmouth, Maine on Sunday.

The rescuers worked for more than an hour to save the dog, named Fable, according to a Falmouth Fire-EMS Facebook post.

"Kudos to the crew from Engine 4 along with Falmouth Police for working to free the young Golden Retriever from a drainage pipe earlier today," the post read. "Great teamwork by Falmouth Public Safety today."

Fable was not injured in the incident and could be seen licking her rescuers after being saved in a photo posted by the fire department.

Dog Rescued From Drainage Pipe
Falmouth Fire-EMS

The dog's owner said the ordeal started when Fable made the "unwise" choice to take a shortcut through a plastic culvert but it was frozen shut on the other end, WGME reported.

Temperatures in Falmouth were below freezing on Sunday, ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fable's owner told the outlet although she was a "wreck," Fable was "wagging her tail and pleased with the attention" after her rescue.

Fable isn't the only golden retriever who recently received help out of a tight situation. On February 12, a Labrador retriever found a golden retriever stuck in a sinkhole. The Lab got their owner to notice the golden, which led to the stuck canine's rescue.

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