Ace decided he wanted to help his owner take down the Christmas lights, and he didn't let a ladder stop him

It's all about the climb. 

While taking down the Christmas lights from his roof one day, a man from Portland, Oregon, got a big surprise when he turned around to find that one of his 2 golden retrievers had followed him.

"I'm up here, taking down my lights. Turn around, Ace climbs up this whole ladder by himself and is now on top of the roof," Ace's owner Vince Matteson says in a video obtained by PEOPLE. 

In the clip, Ace can be seen calmly walking along the roof, seemingly completely unbothered by being so far off the ground.  

Golden Retriever Follows Human Up Ladder and Onto Roof
Ace the golden retriever

Naturally, after being joined on the roof by Ace, Matteson checked his surveillance footage to see exactly how it had happened. 

Video shows the canine confidently making his way up the ladder step-by-step, while his brother Bo stands guard on the ground.  

Despite his ease with navigating the climb, this adventure marked Ace's first time going up a ladder, according to CBS This Morning.

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However, while the dog was able to make the trip up the ladder without any help, he did need some assistance getting back down, and had to be carried to the ground.

"For all that are asking here is the video of Ace getting back down," Matteson wrote on social media alongside a video of him helping the golden retriever with the descent.