All kidding aside, "He's my best buddy," the Modern Family star tells PEOPLE

By Reagan Alexander Alison Schwartz
January 09, 2013 05:20 PM
Stewart Cook

Come Sunday, Eric Stonestreet may take home a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of doting dad Cameron Tucker on ABC’s Modern Family.

But there’s a special somebody who doesn’t seem to be rooting for a big win: Stonestreet’s dog, Coleman Hawkins, who the actor says doesn’t get caught up in the spirit of red carpet season.

Amped up for all the glitz and the glamour? “No, nothing like that,” Stonestreet, 41, told PEOPLE at a pre-Globes party in L.A.

And should the Emmy winner claim victory in the supporting role category, he’ll return Coleman’s cool. He wasn’t sure if he’d give the Jack Russell terrier/beagle mix a shout-out in his acceptance speech, saying, “I don’t think so.”

But industry events aside, “He’s my best buddy. He hangs out. He takes care of stuff,” Stonestreet said of Coleman, whom he rescued in 2000. “He’s a loyal, good friend. He’s always excited to see me, no matter what my day is about.”

And should he walk away without a trophy, well, he’ll still have Coleman by his side. Adds Stonestreet: “He’s been with me through ups and downs, been my constant rock-steady through the last 13 years of my life.”

And that’s an award all its own.