This living emoji of a cephalopod was discovered almost 3,000 feet beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Big Sur, California.

Going by the Latin name of “Rossia pacifica,” he’s more commonly known as the stubby squid, and despite the fact that he looks like a ghost from Pac-Man, he’s more closely related to the cuttlefish than to the octopi or those cute-but-ominous video game ghoulies.

Also, he never blinks. That’s because stubby squid live on the sea floor with their bulge-y eyes poking out, looking for their favorite snacks like shrimp and small fish. They can survive in deeper parts of the ocean than where this little guy was found, too [DASH] up to 4,000 feet down.

Just look at what a doofus he is. It doesn’t get much doofier, guys.