March 21, 2015 03:55 PM

Don’t worry – a giant cat isn’t going all Godzilla on the world as we know it.

These photos – taken by mother-and-son team Barbara Attwell, an artist, and her Cade Ritter, a student – have gone viral for all the right reasons.

The kitty culprit in the snaps appears to be destroying somebody’s fully furnished house, but, thanks to our diligent detective work, we’ve cracked this case: that’s a dollhouse, and that’s a kitten. So, take if from us, you’re totally safe.

Attwell tells PEOPLE that the star of this mini-house party is YooHoo, one purr-fectly photogenic kitten belonging to a litter her family plucked from an animal shelter in 2005, when the pictures were originally taken.

When YooHoo started tearing up the dollhouse, it became a Kodak moment (remember when those were like a thing, with film?). YooHoo eventually found a more permanent home, but recently Attwell and her son decided the world needed to see this dollhouse destruction.

“The dollhouse was built by my architect grandfather in 1960, and it has survived not only pets (cats, a cockatoo and a few pet rats), but several generations of ‘remodeling’ by young children,” Attwell tells PEOPLE in an email. “We just redo it about every 20 years.”

Thanks to posts on Reddit and Imgur by Ritter, YooHoo has become a sensation on the Internet, via ABC News and beyond. The response clearly warms Attwell’s heart.

“My grandfather died in 1972,” she says. “If only he had known how famous his creation would become.”

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