Two goats have managed to find their way onto the tracks for the N train in Brooklyn and are causing a few subway hiccups

By Kelli Bender
August 20, 2018 01:29 PM

Traffic, gridlock, congestion, delays: there are plenty of horrible names for what commuters of all kinds experience when they wake up Monday morning and head to work.

But somehow New York City managed to make this Monday’s all too common subway delays … kind of cute.

“A new one for us (we think): Two goats are roaming along the N line tracks in Brooklyn. They’re safe and not currently affecting service, but they are on the run. We’ll keep you posted,” NYCT Subway, the official source for information and updates on the MTA, tweeted this morning.

The account quickly followed up with photographic proof of the bizarre subway news.

While the “baaaaad boys” didn’t delay service at first, they did end up causing a few hiccups. To ensure the runaway goats are retrieved safely, the MTA diverted southbound N Trains to the D Line in the section of Brooklyn where the animals are hoofing it.

As of now, the goats are still being corralled by the New York Police Department and Animal Control, according to Gothamist.

It is still unknown how the goats found their way onto the rails and to whom the animals belong.

If you are a Big Apple goat owner, now would be a good time to check your backyard.