Hundreds of Goats Run Wild Down Streets of Washington Town After Escaping Enclosure

The goats were in the area to clear vegetation when they got loose and made their way through town

Hundreds of goats escaped their enclosure in the town of Issaquah, Washington, on Tuesday, and startled locals as they ran wild down the city streets.

Nearly 250 of the animals were clearing vegetation in a nearby forest when they somehow escaped and wandered into the Issaquah Highlands neighborhood, where they ate grass and shrubs along the way, KING 5 reports.

The town called in shepherd Craig Mason, who along with his border collie Nessie, gathered up the goats by about 9 p.m. local time.

The company hired to bring the goats in for the vegetation clearing, Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management, told the news outlet “it’s the first and only great escape this year since the herd has been out on the road since May.”

According to the company’s Facebook page, Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management “manage[s] our herd of 200 goats to address your noxious weed and invasive brush problems. Well-managed livestock are key to regenerating healthy soil and storing carbon. Let our healing hooves improve the health of your land!”

“Although it’s a lot of hard work for the shepherd to get them collected again, it’s made more pleasant when the neighbors find the delight in disruption of an ordinary summer day. Goats are good at that, they have frisky personalities,” the company posted in response to the incident on Facebook.

KING 5 reports that neighborhood residents reacted to the “great escape” with a smile.

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