No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon, is letting goats hang out with human yogis

By Kelli Bender
Updated September 02, 2016 11:25 AM

Downward dogs are so 3 flows ago. The new yoga must-have is goats.

“Goat Yoga is a yoga class that is held in the back field at my farm,” Lainey Morse, the creator of No Regrets Farm’s Goat Yoga class told Modern Farmer in an email. “My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.”

Goat Yoga sessions at the Albany, Oregon, farm are not about the hoofed animals stretching and bending, but instead focus on offering human yogis a unique calm. The animals, sometimes accompanied by chickens and cats, roam around the practitioners at No Regrets Farm, adding an extra layer of natural peace.

Lainey Morse

Morse, who lived in Michigan before moving to the west coast to start her farm, started the class after meeting a yoga instructor at a birthday party hosted at her farm. The instructor mentioned to Morse that No Regrets would make a stunning setting for an outdoor yoga class, and so the seeds for goat yoga were sown.

A yoga first, Morse was unsure how yogis would react to having agile and adorable goats prancing around their mats, but she had nothing to worry about. The class was a huge hit, with people driving over a 100 miles to attend.

Lainey Morse

“My goats are just very peaceful animals and everyone that comes over leaves stress free and happy. When they chew their cud it’s almost like they go into a meditative state and it’s very soothing to watch and it’s perfect to combine with yoga,” Morse shared in her email.

Following the success of the first class, Morse has set up two more Goat Yoga sessions for September.

While No Regrets is the only known location for Goat Yoga, that could change as the class catches on. Keep a look out for farm animals at a studio near you.