The aggressive animal was part of a "goat gang"

By Saryn Chorney
July 19, 2017 03:36 PM

I said, goat damn!

This kid’s bad attitude makes Black Phillip of The Witch fame look like a saint.

The “aggressive” and “horny vandal” was “hellbent on destruction” according to the New York Post. This unidentified billy goat was caught on camera by the Argonics Inc. security camera in Louisville, Colorado, on Monday.

“For 20 minutes, he just sat and banged on that one side until he broke it. And then he left, and then he came back and decided to break the other side too. I don’t know why. That was just to be mean, I guess,” Argonics Inc. employee Greg Cappeart told local Denver station Fox 31 .

But as the footage above clearly shows, the renegade goat didn’t just sit there and bang so much as he frustratedly paced about and repetitively smashed his forehead into the polyurethane company’s front door until it fully shattered. The business posted about the criminal activity on Facebook.

Although the animal acted alone, it appears he may’ve been egged on by a group of pals. Apparently the suspect was but one member of a “gang of goats” loitering around the facility. So, how will the cops ID this alleged criminal?

“We understand the description is he’s very hairy, has some large horns, and is possibly hooved,” said Commander Jeff Fisher with the Louisville Police Department.

That should narrow things down, and if not, perhaps the police can run a DNA test.

“We did find some feces that was nearby the site,” Cappeart told Fox 31.

While the offender remains at large, officers believe the troublemaking kids escaped from a nearby farm.

Said Cappeart, “Yeah, they’re still out there somewhere, so protect your doors everyone.”

In the meantime, we suggest a relaxing session of goat yoga for the unruly crew.