Goat Loves UPS Driver So Much She Meets Him at His Truck for Every Delivery

Pearl the 18-year-old goat adores the driver and the peanut butter treats he gives her

Goat UPS Gentle Barn Tennessee
Photo: Courtesy The Gentle Barn Tennessee

When the UPS truck drops a package off at The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary in Knoxville, Tennessee, the driver is met with his own special delivery: Pearl the goat.

The 18-year-old goat is in love with the driver, according to UPI.

“When she hears his truck pull in she will drop whatever she is doing to run and see him,” the sanctuary said in a Facebook post about Pearl’s crush. “She will wait right outside his truck for him and sometimes even get impatient and climb in. He always brings peanut butter treats for her and gives her lots of love while he is here.”

Pearl’s visits are always the highlight of the driver’s route and an instant day brightener if the road to Gentle Barn has been rough.

When Pearl isn’t standing on the curb waiting for her prince in the brown van, she is enjoying her free run of the sanctuary. As a long-time, mostly well-behaved resident of The Gentle Barn, Pearl is allowed to roam all over the sanctuary’s 12 acres.

This privilege sometimes leads to missing snacks in the kitchen, but that’s why we said “mostly well-behaved.”

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