Missy Wade for Roger Williams Park Zoo
May 17, 2018 04:04 PM

Har-Lee, an 800-pound animal who looks like a mix between a goat and an antelope, recently tried to hoof it out of the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island.

CBS News reports that the eastern Himalayan/western China native, known as a takin, escaped its enclosure during “a routine hoof procedure” on Tuesday morning. When the zoo’s veterinary team approached the large male, he charged the facility’s reinforced doors multiple times and finally busted through.

Luckily Har-Lee, who has lived at the zoo without incident since 2012, was captured and sedated within the hour. One zookeeper as well as a veterinary intern were treated for minor, non-life-threatening injuries.

“Both of them are pretty bruised, from what I understand, and they are OK,” said zoo spokeswoman Diane Nahabedian to CBS affiliate WPRI-TV of Providence. “Aches and pains, but they’re OK.”

Roger Williams Park Zoo says the team charged with recapturing the takin was equipped with tranquilizers and a backup rifle, but fortunately never lost track of Har-Lee and they were able to safely sedate him. The zoo opened for business normally just 20 minutes later.

“We’re lucky that he’s here with us. But, he will be off exhibit at least for the next few days. They’ll make sure he’s okay; he’s going to be safe when he goes back into his habitat, and that the habitat is secure,” Nahabedian told Long Island Public Radio.

Har-Lee the renegade “goatelope” (also known as “cattle chamois” or “gnu goat” in some circles) is reportedly doing just fine after his worrisome misadventure, and his enclosure is being evaluated and carefully re-secured as needed.

According to the zoo’s Facebook post concerning the incident, the International Union for Conservation of Nature categorizes takins as vulnerable, “which means the animal could become endangered due to habitat loss and destruction of their natural home.”

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