October 21, 2015 04:12 PM

You know that hot-cold shudder that tap dances down your spine the moment before something fragile you dropped hits the ground? This video is a solid minute of that sensation. 

Filmed from the POV of the biker hero, this Go Pro video shows a dramatic kitten rescue. The footage starts with the usual happenings of a busy intersection and then, suddenly, a tiny orange kitten plops into the middle of traffic, appearing to fall from the undercarriage of a vehicle. Cars, too tall to see the frightened furball or mistaking it for trash, barrel over the stranded feline, missing the animal by inches. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream because no one else can see this kitten in desperate need for help. Thankfully, the motorcycle driver spots the baby cat, and, after what seems like hours – though it’s really only a few agonizing seconds – manages to stop traffic and come to the rescue. She quickly scoops the kitten off the pavement and into her arms. 

You hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of cat lovers letting out a collective sigh of relief. 

According to the biker, who posted the video to YouTube, the kitten is doing well and has at least one of its nine lives intact. She is planning on keeping the cat, who turned out to be a he not a she, and has named him Skidmark. This hero on wheels says she has reached out to the owner of the red car the kitten appeared to drop from to see if the animal belongs to the driver, but has yet to hear back. 

See how “Skids” is doing now below. 

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