The actress is obsessed with her two rescue cats

By Jessica Wedemeyer
Updated April 04, 2011 06:00 PM

Jayma Mays has made a career of playing the neurotic, OCD-impaired guidance counselor at Glee’s William McKinley High School. In real life, the actress suffers from a different kind of crazy.

“I’m like a crazy cat lady,” Mays told while shooting a guest-starring role on the new webseries Marcy. “I talk about my cats all the time.”

The rescues responsible for the actress’s obsession, Heidi and Fraulein, both take their names from the Heidi books Mays read as a little girl.

“Fraulein is like a strict little German frulein,” she said. “She doesn’t like to be messed with.”

While Heidi’s name may be inspired by the fictional Swiss child, her personality is all her own. “Sometimes, you do voices for cats,” Mays said. “But she doesn’t have any words. It’s all like, ‘La la la!’ She doesn’t have any thoughts. She’s very empty.”

Mays described both felines as mutts – Heidi is a longhaired and Fraulein is a calico – and she likes to refer to both of them as “nuts.” Fraulein, in fact, “has those calico instincts where she just starts running around the house randomly from time to time.”

The actress adopted Fraulein 11 years ago in her native Virginia and Heidi eight years ago when she moved to California.While the trio now shares a home in Los Angeles with Mays’s husband, actor Adam Campbell, the cats belong to only one person. “They’re both my cats,” Mays said. “I love them.”

Campbell confirmed: “They’re hers, but I’ve learned to love them.”

Marcy premieres on the first week of May.