Melody Chiu
February 25, 2011 10:05 PM

When Lea Michele revealed she had gone on some animal rescue missions while on the Glee set, she wasn’t telling tales.

The actress, who plays Rachel Berry on the show, has two cats that came from the Paramount Studios lot. “They probably would have been eaten, so I rescued them,” she told PEOPLE for its Glee special issue (out Sept. 10).

But Michele’s two cats had a few litter mates, and one of them went to Michele’s co-star Heather Morris, who plays cheerleader Brittany (she named the cat Zach). Morris told at the Glee Season 2 premiere that she had never done anything like take a stray cat home before, but she doesn’t regret it in the least.

“He’s nuts, and he does a lot of devious things, but he cuddles with me at night,” Morris said. “I love him so much.”

Another beneficiary of the Lea Michele rescue squad was Harry Shum, Jr., who plays Mike Chang on the show. Michele had helped a dog she found tied to a fence on location in Long Beach, Calif., and when Shum saw the “spunky” pooch in her trailer one day, he fell in love immediately.

“I was like, I’ve got to take that dog home,” Shum said at the premiere. “[Charlie’s] one of the best dogs ever.”

Both Shum and Morris confirmed that the Glee set is, in effect, a sanctuary for animal lovers, and said that their cast mates loves bringing their pets to work.

“A lot of the cast [members] bring their dogs, which is hysterical,” Morris said. “They’re just running around!”

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