Just a six-year-old and a kitten with a heart condition

Quite simply, this video of a six-year-old girl getting her long-awaited birthday present – a kitten – has shattered us.

All Brooklyn wanted for her birthday in May was a kitten. (The family’s two older cats had recently died.) Her parents told her no, because the world can be a cold, dark place.

But Brooklyn’s mom works in a veterinary hospital. And that’s the perfect way to find a surprise cat, particularly if say, there’s an emergency c-section and all but two kittens out of a litter of six pass away. And, say, one of those kittens is healthy, but the other one has a weak heart.

You can guess where this is going, right? The kitten, eight weeks old when Brooklyn turned six, became the greatest surprise present ever, and remains a happy and healthy member of the family. And they say happy endings are hard to come by. RELATED: Ready the Tissues and Watch 2 Boys Tearfully Reunite with Their Missing Cat

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