Courtesy Danielle Grubisic
December 13, 2017 12:54 PM

This is how it’s done people!

Children of the world, remember guilt is one of your greatest weapons in getting what you want.

According to Distractify, a little girl went to emotional extremes in her quest to get a kitty. After her father showed resistance to the idea of adopting a cat, Danielle Grubisic’s sister created a “Wall of Sorrow.”

This masterwork consisted of multiple pictures of crying cats and numerous notes reminding her father that needy felines the world over are stuck in cages while they wait for homes.

“Your (sic) letting them die in a tiny box doing nothing but crying,” reads one of the more dramatic entries.

Courtesy Danielle Grubisic

Grubisic shared her sister’s creation on Twitter, where the post quickly amassed over 50,000 retweets.

Courtesy Danielle Grubisic

Her tweet also came with some good news.

“My little sister made a “wall of sorrow” to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat.. well it worked,” Grubisic wrote.

Courtesy Danielle Grubisic

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It worked! And there is photo evidence to prove it. The last picture posted to the tweet is of a man (we assume Grubisic’s father) sitting down with a cat in his lap.

Looks like, in the end, everybody won.

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