Freddie and Percy have become a local attraction for riding atop a Shetland pony

Check out these cowboys: Freddie, a Jack Russell terrier, and his friend Percy have a penchant for hopping on the back of their pal Daisy, a Shetland pony. Freddie, who is owned by Patricia Swinley, 73, has been riding on the horse’s back for five years and Percy, a Jack Russell mix, who is owned by neighbor Sally Jones, recently took up the hobby, the Daily Mail reports.

The pooches have become quite the attraction in Flaxley, England, where people often come to see them. They take turns riding atop Daisy and seem to squabble sometimes over who gets to hop on first, the newspaper says. The duo also sit in a cart towed by Daisy. But 7-year-old Freddie’s horseback-riding skills aren’t quite what they used to be. “He’s getting on a bit now and can’t leap up there anymore, so we have to lift him on,” says Swinley.