Badru the 19-year-old rhino is known for his need for attention and his ability to cry when things don't go his way

Big rhinos do cry.

While Badru the black rhino may seem like a literal tough guy, with his thick skin and large horns, the nearly 3,000-pound animal isn't as intimidating as he may appear.

According to one of his caretakers at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the 19-year-old creature "still has not gotten over being a baby."

"He loves attention. He is always looking for someone to just talk to him, give him food and treats," Jill the keeper continues in the above sneak peek of the new episode of Disney+'s Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Badru the Black Rhino
Credit: Charlene Guilliams/Disney

Badru's sweet, sensitive behavior doesn't stop there, the rhino also reportedly cries when keepers stop giving him attention, and he is especially attached to a keeper named Katie.

Badru is just one of the stars of Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom's — the series, narrated by Josh Gad, that takes viewers behind the scenes to look at how the Animal Kingdom operates and the thousands of animals that call the park home. The newest episode of the show, which will be available to stream on Disney + on Friday, Oct. 23, also includes two park aardvarks, Willie and Peanut, going on a blind date and a crocodile checking in with the vet about an injured tail.