The Travel Channel star's Yorkie already has a knack for sensing spiritual energy


Zak Bagans hunts ghosts for a living. As the host and lead investigator of Travel Channel’s paranormal show, Ghost Adventures, Bagans explores spooky and reportedly haunted locations throughout the world to bring out the ghosts.

It can be frightening work, but Bagans’s newest coworker – Ridley, his tiny, 1-and-a-half-year-old Yorkshire terrier – is unfazed.

“I’m teaching Ridley how to hunt ghosts,” Bagans tells “He’s good. I tried to see if he’s sensitive to spiritual energy, and I think he is.”

Bagans believes that animals have a heightened awareness of spirits. He and his team investigated one location that was inhabited by a man who suffered from demonic attacks. “The first thing that led him to know his house was haunted was his dog,” Bagans says.

Ridley, too, might have a bit of a sixth sense, but most of the time, he’s just a spoiled, much-loved pet. Bagans and his family have always been fans of the Yorkshire terrier breed, and Bagans declares that Ridley is his “pride and joy.” And the strong-jawed, muscular, ghost-hunting Bagans may have met his match in the petite ghostbusting pup.

“Ridley’s a little dog, but he’s tougher than a lion,” Bagans says. “I fight demons. I don’t need a huge pit bull to tell me I’m tough. My little Ridley will kick some ass.”