Artist Susan Hershey creates ceramic replicas of your pup

Paw print on a pendant? Sure! Dog’s voice as a ringtone? We’ve heard of those! But a life-sized sculpture of your pet? It’s a reality, thanks to artist Susan Hershey. Mom to two pups, Bella and Simon, Hershey began creating sculptures of dogs for family and friends. Her hobby soon blossomed, leading to a full-fledged business, Sculpt My Dog. “I feel I have a connection with dogs, and I am able to capture their unique personalities in my sculptures,” she says on her Web site.

Now, Hershey creates medium, large and extra-large sculptures – or caricatures, as she calls them – of dogs using photos sent in by customers. Spending several weeks on each creation, she hand-sculpts and hand-glazes the works herself, and precision-fires them to finish. Customers can make special requests, such as particular characteristics or markings of their dog they’d like emphasized, and get full approval via an emailed photo before paying for the piece. (Prices range from $550-$1100.) Interested? Check out the French bulldog – and his ceramic doppelganger! – above.

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