The Marley & Me star is mom to dogs Norman and Dolly.

By People Staff
Updated December 24, 2008 01:00 PM

She’s starring in the holiday blockbuster Marley & Me, but Jennifer Aniston’s love of dogs is apparent off screen as well. She has two of her own: Dolly, a white German shepherd, who she adopted in 2006, and Norman, a Welsh Corgi-terrier mix who is 13. Here’s a look at the vital stats of the canines closest to Aniston’s heart.

Age: 13
Breed: Welsh Corgi-terrier mix
Likes: His Mom. “All Norman wants to do is just lie at my feet,” Aniston told PEOPLE.
Favorites: Walks on the beach, going to movie sets with mom.
Personality: “Norman is now 13, but even back [as a puppy] he was as cool as a cucumber. He’s just a person in a dog suit,” Aniston told PEOPLE.
Sleeping habits: Norman prefers to sleep in his bed, not hers. “He doesn’t like to get in my bed,” she told Access Hollywood in 2005. “He sleeps in his bed. I could sleep in his bed, which I have done. I know it sounds insane.”
Norman, the movie star? “If there was a way to put Norman in a movie [I’d do it],” Aniston tells MTV. “because his expressions are just perfect. I want to do a short film called ‘Cut to Norman’ and just have all these little vignettes, and then we could cut to Norman.”
Scariest moment: When Norman disappeared for two days in 1998. After posting flyers for $1000 reward, Jennifer reportedly found him in an animal shelter.

Age: 2 1/2
Breed: White German shepherd
How I Met My Person: The actress has always been a fan of white German shepherds, “I thought they were beautiful and a great guard dog,” she told Oprah in 2006.
Likes: Chewing stuff, like rugs and shoes. “Dolly has chewed expensive rugs, and I almost sent her back to the pound for it. I’m kidding,” she told USA Today. “One time I saw her with a shoe in her mouth, and that habit ended right there. I just ripped that little thing out of her mouth. She figured out, ‘I don’t touch these things with heels and leather.’ “
Personality: When Aniston chatted with Oprah recently she summed up her dog’s personalities by showing a snapshot of them both: Norman is “cranky” and Dolly is “confused,” she said.
Favorites: Dolly loves to sit on Aniston’s lap. “She’s always right [on my lap]. I don’t know why she does that,” Aniston told MTV.

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