January 20, 2009 08:19 PM

What would you expect to happen with two young pet rats came into a home with two cats? Certainly not that one of the rat girls would develop a crush on the boy cat–following him around, nuzzling, licking and receiving kisses. Since YouTube user chibudgielvr posted the video in early January more than two million people have watched this unusual relationship, which shows how pets have their own complex social lives.

We asked chibudgielvr about the family, which includes two cats, three rats and some birds. Ranj, the cat star, is a 2-year-old rescue who never minded rats. The original rats ignored him. But Peanut, who arrived a few months ago with her sister Mocha, has a crush on him.

Was there ever any trouble between them, or did they always get along this great?
Ranj has always been great with rats. There really was no training involved. He’s always been the “nice guy” who tries to make friends with everybody, even with the antisocial cat.

Could you tell me about the personalities of the rats?
Peanut (the main star) is very playful and bouncy. She pretty much fell in love with Ranj instantly. It began with her following him around everywhere (she does this with people, too). Ranj was like a nice, cuddly blanket that she liked to snuggle with.

Mocha is good buddies with Peanut, but she doesn’t care too much for Ranj.

Is the rat trying to nurse?
No, I know for a fact she is not trying to nurse. She’s just trying to snuggle because she seems to enjoy the softness and warmth of Ranj’s fur.

What do you think the animals are thinking?
I think Peanut is Ranj’s #1 fan! She thinks they’re best friends, but Ranj just tries his hardest to tolerate Peanut.

Does the cat ever chase mice or other animals?
Ranj gets a little too curious about my birds!

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