The San Diego feline was perched some 20 ft. up in a tree, concerning neighbors

By Amy Jamieson
December 09, 2015 02:55 PM

Cromwell may never leave the house again — and that’s probably a good thing.

Somehow the house cat escaped the comforts of home and found himself stuck in a tree – for three days! – until local police officers came to his aid, CBS 8 News reports.

The San Diego feline was perched some 20 ft. up in a tree and neighbors were concerned for the poor kitty, who apparently couldn’t figure out how to get down safely.

Officers tried to help Cromwell down on Friday, according to CBS 8, but he was not having it. Saturday proved more successful when they returned with a pole with a noose on it, which they used to help him scale the tree.

The cat’s owner, a violinist who was busy performing at concerts this month and didn’t know the cat was missing, says Cromwell seems relieved to be home and “happy to be done with that tree.”

Thanks to a microchip, Cromwell was reunited with his owner quickly.