When presented with two different kennels, Denver, the German Shepherd, took the cozier option meant for his puppy friend.

Cats aren't the only pets living by the motto "If I fits, I sits."

A Nashville, Michigan, German Shepherd named Denver decided to try downsizing his kennel recently, and luckily the hilarious attempt was captured on video.

In a clip taken by Denver's owner, and shared by Viral Hog, the large canine leaps into the back of his human's car, where two open dog crates lie open waiting for their canine occupants. Instead of pawing into the crate made for larger dogs, Denver squeezes into the significantly smaller kennel beside it, twisting his body inside the tight quarters to face forward.

"I was attempting to get my 2-year-old dog Hagen into the large kennel before I put my 10-week-old puppy Lorcan in her small kennel. Denver, my 6-year-old dog, decided to jump up into a kennel and clearly chose the wrong one," Denver's owner told Viral Hog about the adorable mistake.

german shepherd in carrier

After Denver settles into the snugger carrier, which cannot fit the pooch's head and front paws, viewers can hear his owner chuckling in the background.

Based on the footage, Denver seems unfazed by the cozy crate and looks comfortable snuggled into his puppy friend's kennel, similar to a feline who smushed themselves into a too-small cardboard box.