Sirus's family hails him a hero after taking bullets in the chest and the nose during a burglary

At 3:20 a.m. on Feb. 15, Michelle Pryor of Kelloggsville, Ohio, was awakened by the aggressive growling of her 98-lb. German shepherd Sirus.

“I was asleep on the couch with my new 8-week-old baby Elizabeth, and I asked Sirus to be quiet, but he would not stop growling, which was unusual for him,” Pryor, 21, a Kent State University student in the Ashtabula County campus, tells

Her fiancé, Michael Hommes Jr., was asleep in the bedroom and got up to let the 4-year-old dog outside while he poured some milk in the kitchen.

Soon they heard three gun shots. Hommes told Pryor to run to the back of the house and protect the baby. The new mom then wrapped her newborn in a blanket and placed her atop the laundry basket, but worried about the safety of her pet.

“Sirus was shot in the nose with a .22-caliber and in the chest with a .45-caliber,” Pryor tells “The bigger bullet went in one shoulder and came out the other.”

Hommes brandished his own gun in defense, shooting around the area of the intruder, who knocked out the front porch light and kicked the door down.

“When the intruder came in through the door he had a gun in his hand and finger on the trigger,” she continues. “When my fiance shot his gun, he hit the wall and microwave.”

Pryor believes two or three burglars with at least two guns, who left marijuana on their lawn, had followed them home from Sears where she had just cashed a tax refund check.

“I think they were looking for money,” she says. “And they seemed pretty shaken when they saw my fiancé with a gun. So they left quickly in a white, four-door Buick. They are still at large.”

Wounded Sirus, a hero by all accounts, was hiding under the porch and unable to free himself following the scuffle. The couple had to take apart the wood to get him out and to a vet.

The pooch is back home now, doing fine and “running around like always,” says Pryor. She credits her companion for having the tenacity to growl until someone noticed trouble lurking in their yard.

“Sirus often barks at other dogs, but it is rare that he would continue growling in such an aggressive and angry manner,” Pryor tells “He is an angel. He saved our lives. We love him so much.”