Large, Annoyed Swan Chases Georgia Man Around Golf Course in Wild Video

An irritated swan attacked John Walters while the man was on a golf outing with friends in southern Georgia

A Georgia man had an unfriendly visit from a swan while out golfing with his friends.

While out on the green at a local golf course in southern Georgia, a man named John Walters had a bizarre encounter with a massive swan, TMZ reports.

Walters was on the ninth hole, lining up his putt when a swan approached him. Immediately after the man sunk his putt, the swan jumped up and started jabbing at the golfer.

In the clip, Walters yells "Ow!" while he tries to fend off the annoyed bird. Undeterred, the swan spends the video chasing Walters and trying to nip the man. Meanwhile, instead of helping Walters, the man's friends laugh throughout Walters's run-in with the bird.

Walters's daughter told the outlet that the swan is a frequent visitor to the Georgia golf course her father visits regularly. The bird reportedly lives in a pond near the ninth hole of the course and is infamous among local golfers for being aggressively possessive of the area.

golf course swan

This swan isn't the only animal attracted to the fairway. At the 2021 PGA Championship, a baby alligator made its way across the course as the pros watched. Patrick Rada, Adam Long, and Cameron Tringale were forced to stop briefly at the sixth hole during the tournament.

One of the ESPN analysts present at the championship tweeted the small reptile is "a little wee gator compared to some of the big guys we've seen out here."

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