George Clooney Is Engaged (Seriously!), Ryan Reynolds's Hotness Helps Us Cope & More Weekend News

Plus: Who showed off a furry addition?

It was a very happy weekend, indeed, for George Clooney.

As for those still holding out hope for their own happy ending with the eternal bachelor … not so much.

Hey, put down the ice cream – here’s what you missed:

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5. Why Nick Offerman’s Loving Work Right Now

” “” “” “0” ]The Parks and Recreation star is mixing business and pleasure at his latest job. Taking the stage with wife (and seasoned costar) Megan Mullally in the Off-Broadway production of Annapurna, Offerman caught up with PEOPLE to chat about his new gig. Why the real-life couple are perfect coworkers.

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4. Lauren Conrad’s Life Just Got Even Cuter

” “” “” “0” ]As if Conrad needed yet another adorable muse: The bride-to-be introduced fans to her new pup, who joins rescues Chloe and Fitz both at home and, well, on Instagram. Meet her new pooch #nofilter.

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3. The Mini The Office Reunion You Wish You Were Invited To

” “” “” “0” ]Everyone loves an Office romance! Brian Baumgartner, who played the lovably deadpan Kevin Malone on the popular comedy, married Celeste Ackelson on Saturday in a backyard wedding. Dunder Mifflin Paper Company alumni Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski (with wife Emily Blunt), Oscar Nunez and Angela Kinsey all attended the nuptials. Send your congrats to the newlyweds!

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2. Because You Needed an Excuse to Stare at Ryan Reynolds

” “” “” “0” ]Breaking news: Reynolds possesses the superhuman capability to look silly and sexy at the same time. Actually, it’s pretty impressive. At Saturday’s Sundance London screening of his film The Voices, he worked his magic with costar Gemma Arterton. See the talented Mr. Reynolds in action!

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1. George Clooney Is Really, Truly, Honestly Engaged

” “” “” “0” ]We know what you had with Clooney was special and all, but (cue the violins) the veteran bachelor is officially set to wed British attorney Amal Alamuddin. A source with knowledge of the situation confirms that the actor popped the question and exclusively tells PEOPLE, “I think it’s like they want the people they love to know that this is real, that they plan on being together forever.” Just try to be happy for him, okay? All about the surprise engagement.

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