A California animal rescue was "blown away" when the couple pledged the massive donation, which will benefit nine neglected dogs

By Amy Jamieson and Kelli Bender
May 04, 2017 01:30 PM
Credit: Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

George and Amal Clooney may have babies on the brain, but they still have room in their hearts for animals.

The expectant couple donated $10,000 to help a California animal rescue care for nine dogs it took in from a backyard breeder, according to a Facebook post shared by Camp Cocker Rescue.

“We literally didn’t know how we were even going to begin to start paying for all of these new dogs that we took in on the same day,” Camp Cocker founder Cathy Stanley told PEOPLE about the situation before the couple’s donation came in.

Now, she feels an “unbelievable wave of gratitude” toward the Clooneys for donating the funds Camp Cocker needed to care for the neglected pups rescued from filthy conditions in Mojave, California.

“It is going directly toward the vet and boarding bills for the new nine dogs we just took in,” Stanley said of the money. “Each of these dogs has never been to a vet in their entire lives so it’s quite a bit to get them caught up. They all needed blood work done, deep ear cleanings, some had wounds where their nails had grown around into the pads of their feet, they all needed baths/grooming, many had matted hair that needed to be shaved down.”

On Facebook, the rescue celebrated the generous gift, which is being used to help match other donations coming in, but didn’t immediately reveal the donors’ names — that came after a short drumroll.

“After we all did happy dances and cried with happiness for this unbelievable matching donation offer — we then asked the donors if (and only if they gave us their permission) … if we could reveal their names to our supporters in order to help us reach our big goal this month,” says the post. “They were so very gracious to give us permission to reveal their names. We want to thank George and Amal Clooney for their unbelievable donation and now it’s time to turn to all of YOU to see if you can match it!!!!”

This isn’t the first time Clooney and his wife have come to the aid of animals in need. In 2015, they adopted a 4-year-old basset hound from California’s San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Clooney is also the proud parent to two Cocker Spaniels that he adopted from Camp Cocker.

“George adopted Einstein, his first Camp Cocker dog from us, in early 2010. When we were doing the home safety check I had asked George how he learned of Einstein and he said he saw him on AdoptaPet and liked the goofy look of him,” Stanley explained. “There was a video we had just posted of Einstein and I think this might have been the video that George first saw before he submitted the adoption application on Einstein.”

Apparently, the actor, who obviously has a special place in his heart for Cocker Spaniels, used meatballs to win Einstein over during their meet and greet.

Clooney returned to Camp Cocker in 2013 to adopt his dog Louie.

Stanley hopes the Clooneys’ support of Camp Cocker encourages others to help rescue pets any way they can. There’s no donation of time or money that is too small when it comes to saving animals.

“We have a philosophy where we want to be very inclusive of all of our supporters and it’s important to us that no matter how small of a donation, every person feels like their donation is meaningful and that we appreciate them,” Stanley added.

To donate and help the rescue reach their goal, click here.