Whistle teamed up with to track canine name data in honor of National Dog Day

August 24, 2017 09:30 AM

National Dog Day is Aug. 26 — have you made plans to celebrate?

If you’re not a pet owner yet, may we suggest heading to your local shelter or rescue and finding a new best friend to brighten your days and cuddle with at night? And, oh yeah, that new good boy or girl is going to need a sweet name to seal the deal.

That’s where Whistle and come in to lend a helping paw. The canine-focused companies have partnered in honor of National Dog Day to bring us the latest data about the most popular pup names across the country.

Whistle for

No surprise here, HBO’s fantasy juggernaut Game of the Thrones still leads the pop culture naming trends list. Names like Snow (for Jon Snow) and Arya (Arya Stark) remain popular with pups. In fact, 62 percent of the dogs in Whistle’s database with GOT-inspired names were named for the Stark family’s direwolves: Lady, Ghost, Nymeria, Greywolf and Shaggydog.

Meanwhile, musical names also continue to capture pet parents’ hearts. Older favorites Marley and Jewel have stayed steady, while current favorites include Katy, Taylor, Chance, Harry, Bruno and both Cyrus sisters (Miley and Noah).

But not every dog owner loves entertainment-based names. Many prefer good, old-fashioned favorites like Bella, Charlie and Bear. Check out those names’ popularity by American region.

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Yet another trend that holds strong are other animal species-inspired names, especially ones like Moose, Tiger, Bear and Panda for larger pups.

Food and beverage names also remain tops. Junk food names like Taffy, Twix and Milano are on the rise, while their healthier counterparts (Quinoa and Kale, popular on the West coast) are on the decline in comparison. And while coffee-themed names (Kona, Espresso, Mocha) are on a downward trajectory everywhere except Seattle (home of Starbucks, duh), boozy names like Brandy, Guinness and Whiskey are on the way up.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a new pup, then pick out a new name — or the reverse order, we won’t judge — and get your National Dog Day holiday plans in place ASAP.


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