Each of these impressive, plush Iron Throne cat beds is handmade

By Kelli Bender
April 18, 2019 04:01 PM
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Cat Bed Iron Throne Game of Thrones
Credit: MadeForPets

Cats can’t watch Game of Thrones‘ final season from just any spot on the couch.

These regal animals deserve a spot that is reflective of their revered status; they deserve their own throne.

Etsy creator MadeForPets heard this call and has crafted a pet bed worthy of holding the spot of honor in the animal version of Westeros.

This feline-friendly Iron Throne is handmade and created with kitties in mind. According to the product description, the bed is made from a soft material that cats love to knead and the armrests create a box-like coziness around the seat.

This seat of honor is big enough to fit two cats, but, based on the plot of Game of Thrones, it’s doubtful pets will want to share such a sweet set up.

For those willing to bend the knee to their feline, the Iron Throne cat bed is available for purchase on Etsy for $272.00 — a small price to rule the seven kingdoms.