Gabby Douglas Shares How She Keeps Her Pets Healthy Like Her — Including Homemade Food and Joint Workouts

“Not only do I research what goes into my body and my mind, I'll do the same thing for them,” the two-time Olympian tells PEOPLE of her three dogs, three llamas and one cow

Gabby Douglas
Gabby Douglas. Photo: Rich Polk/Getty

Gabby Douglas keeps her animals in championship shape.

The two-time Olympian — who is hosting Petco's Field Day on Facebook Live on Wednesday — tells PEOPLE her natural approach to diet and exercise is something she extends to her dogs Duke, Chandler and Cali, her llamas Ava, Betty and Kuzco (yes, from Emperor's New Groove) and her miniature cow Midnight.

"It's so funny because sometimes when I do my workout, [the dogs] literally tag along," Douglas, 25, shares. "Like I love to run the stairs, I love to run laps around my house, and so they'll just follow me and it's honestly a great thing because the more active that we can keep them, the better. They have so much longevity."

Gabby Douglas and her dog
Gabby Douglas and her dog Cali. Gabby Douglas/Instagram

The three-time Olympic gold medalist also shares with PEOPLE that her animals eat just as clean as she does.

"I am such a health nut. Not only do our research what goes into my body and my mind, I'll do the same thing for [my animals]," she tells PEOPLE. "We do everything homemade, everything has to be organic and natural, no GMOs, no preservatives or pesticides because that really affects the animal."

The Olympian adds, "Everything natural because it was put on this planet to help these animals."

After the death of Douglas' dog Zoway in May 2020 — she'd had him since she was 10 years old — the gymnast said her family did "everything different" when it came to the lifestyles of their other pets.

"I have a huge bond with my animals so I want to make sure that they have the best lives and want to make sure they maximize their lives," the two-time World Championships athlete tells PEOPLE of her relationship with her furry friends. "We want to make sure it's the best quality, not only for ourselves but also our animals."

The gymnast's pets also have a wide range of space in which to live their best lives, too: Douglas shares that she and her family moved away from the bustle of Los Angeles to a ranch last year.

"The COVID pandemic definitely put a lot of things in perspective for us — me and my family. So, we just kind of wanted to be around peace and quiet," she tells PEOPLE of her relocation. "Our lives are on the go constantly."

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"We just love calmness and stillness," the Olympian adds. "We just wanted to have that within our own lives and in our own household. So. we just decided to move to a town where it's very peaceful, very quiet, and very still."

Though some future additions to the farm may make things a bit louder.

"I really want goats, baby goats and horses," the animal lover shares, adding with a laugh, "But, you know, we take it one at a time."

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