This tool will remove fur that is apparently being beamed onto the dog from another dimension”

By Christina Butan
August 01, 2019 10:00 AM
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If you love your pet but hate dealing with their hair all over the house, you’re not alone. While there are tons of brushes and gloves out there that attempt to keep your dog or cat’s hair neat and kempt, sometimes they’re just not enough. Fortunately, there’s actually a solution for dealing with that how-did-this-even-get-here pet hair for good: the Furminator. Yes, that’s what it’s called, and no, we’re not kidding — and neither are the combined 17,000 shoppers who have left both the dog and cat version of the deshedding tool raving five-star reviews.

The Furminator is a grooming tool that takes the extra step beyond brushing and combing by removing “loose, dead hair” from your pet’s undercoat without cutting or damaging the topcoat. The tool actually launched back in 2002 — since then, the brand has modernized the product, and it continues to be a customer favorite 16 years later. It features a comfy, ergonomic handle, a “furejector” button to release the collected hair, and comes in multiple sizes. Both the cat and dog versions come in small and large sizes (plus a medium option for dogs), along with the option of choosing between long hair or short hair.

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Customers are absolutely obsessed with the Furminator, and have left it thousands of (often hilarious) reviews claiming that it’s a life-changing tool.

“OH MY GOD! I’ve heard good things about this product, but as always, I try to approach it with reasonable, tempered expectations. As far as I’m concerned, the reviews don’t do it justice. Dear lord, the sheer amount of fur we got off the first of our two Siberian Huskies has me convinced that 5 stars isn’t enough. Seriously, I ran this tool through for not even 10 minutes and already have pulled enough fur out of one dog to fill the package it was shipped in,” one shopper wrote. “Even the dog looked at the fur coming off with an expression that said ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU GET THIS SOONER?!’ This tool will remove fur that is apparently being beamed onto the dog from another dimension. I can’t see where it’s all coming from, but this tool is pulling it out. Do yourself a favor; save time and money — get a Furminator.”

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The reviews for the cat Furminator are just as enthusiastic, from shoppers who say it’s been a problem-solver for everything from hairballs to cats who usually hate  being brushed.

“You may hate brushing your cat or dog… but you will soon come to love it with this handy dandy little device. I’m surprised my cats aren’t bald. This thing really gets the hair out. I’ve harvested enough fur from my three cats to knit a sweater for an elephant,” another customer wrote. “Once I had it in my hands and saw the power it possessed, I was hooked. Do yourself a favor and buy this little heaven sent gift.”

So, what are you waiting for? Add the Furminator to your cart ASAP — your dog or cat will surely appreciate you even more.