Truly, I envy my dog
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dog bed
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On a daily basis, my big old mutt makes me jealous because he gets a treat just by looking at someone the right way, understands that stopping and sniffing the flowers is the most important thing a creature can do, and gets to sleep all day. And because I’m a total sucker for my four-legged best friend, I want to make sure he sleeps in comfort, which apparently means buying him this ridiculously popular dog bed on Amazon.

More than 4,280 people have purchased and reviewed FurHaven’s Orthopedic Plush and Suede Sofa-Style Pet Bed (from $18.39; And, according to the reviews — nearly 3,000 of which are five stars — it’s a pet bed so comfy you’ll want to sleep in it alongside your pet too.

dog bed
Credit: FurHaven

Buy It!

FurHaven Orthopedic Plush and Suede Sofa-Style Pet Bed, $18.39–$51.99;

The sofa pet bed, which comes in six colors and five sizes, features a three-bolster design, meant to help your pooch find a comfortable sleeping position every time he or she lies down. The bolsters are even covered in suede, while the bed’s body comes with a topper made of ultra plush faux fur for maximum comfort. Though it sounds like it’s a wildly over-the-top bed for a dog, it’s heaven sent for older pets who may have joint issues. The bed comes with an egg-crate orthopedic foam base, which helps evenly distribute a pet’s body weight and soothe pressure point pain.

Perhaps best of all for pet parents, the bed’s cover is also fully machine washable. But, that’s not the only reason people love it on Amazon.

“My 85lb labrador mix is comfy as can be on the Jumbo size,” one reviewer wrote in a five-star review. “I was pleasantly surprised at how big this bed actually is. Bigger than the XL beds I have seen elsewhere. She can spread out on this one. She’s an old dog and seems to find this bed very easy on her old bones. I don’t know yet what the longevity will be, but have bought more expensive beds that didn’t last long, so if I get a year out of this one I will be happy.”

And, as one reviewer noted, the dog bed truly does last.

“I purchased this dog bed one year ago and it is still in GREAT shape, and my dog still loves it,” the buyer wrote. “The cover is easy to take off and wash. I rotate the way I lay the bed (open edge against the wall and away from it) so that it wears down easily. And I also alternate the foam pieces inside in a similar way as well. Doing this has worked wonderfully and it has held up extremely well with my 115lb dog who loves it and lays in it daily. SOO worth it — buy this!”

If you need to do a little more research before buying, or just need an adorable break from your workday, head over to the dog bed’s Amazon page and look at all the squeal-worthy photos of puppies enjoying their comfortable new beds. Now, if only they’d make one in human size, we’d be all set.