FURemover on Amazon

Pet Parents Say This Fur Removal Brush Is the 'Best Amazon Purchase' They’ve Ever Made

It’s even recommended by a boarding kennel that houses 40 dogs at once
By Stephanie Perry
January 19, 2021 10:00 PM
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Having a pet and a clean home might feel impossible. Dog and cat shedding can cover your rugs, hardwood floors, furniture, and even windows, making it a tricky cleanup task for even the best vacuum. If you find yourself living under a perpetual cloud of pet hair, Amazon shoppers suggest the top-rated Furemover Broom

Available in five broom styles — though must shoppers suggest the compact model — all the Furemover Brooms have a multipurpose brush head with rubber bristles on one side and a squeegee edge on the other. The rubber bristles attract and trap fur and dander as you sweep, while the squeegee head removes dust and dirt from windows, tile, and hardwood floors. And unlike regular brooms, the rubber broom head can be easily cleaned with soap and water after each use, so you never risk re-spreading the debris around your home when you reach for the broom again.

FURemover on Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Compact Furemover Broom, $14.99; 

If you're skeptical of the broom's simplicity, pet parents on Amazon swear this brush is "ridiculously effective" and "the real deal." One shopper writes: "I have two dogs and three cats. I would have to sweep my ceramic and hardwood floors at least 3 times before I felt it was close enough to being clean. But this magical broom did it in one try. Best Amazon purchase I have ever made. Buy the broom. You will love it!"

Pet parents aren't the only loyal customers; business owners who interact with animals also swear by the clever cleaning tool. "I own a boarding kennel and this is the only broom I use. Outstanding function," another reviewer says. "I don't even own a conventional broom and I house up to 40 dogs per night."

In addition to picking up dog fur, customers note that the broom is great for sweeping up long, thick human hair that might get caught in the carpet, removing trapped dust from corners, and dusting cobwebs off ceilings (the compact broom handle can extend from 18 in. to 40 in. for hard-to-reach spots). One Furemover owner even brushes their dogs with the broom (and their dogs seem to love it) to remove excess fur before it ever hits the floor. 

Whether you're a pet parent that's sick of shedding or just looking for an all-in-one cleaning tool, the under-$15 broom seems to be well worth the (small) investment.

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