The best things in life come in small packages


Kittens, babies, sprinkles: The best things come in small packages. So it makes scientific sense that this video of a teeny-tiny hamster eating an equally itty-bitty burrito is overflowing with adorableness.

Before the hungry, hungry hamster chows down, viewers are treated to a peek at the craftsmanship that goes into making novelty-sized Mexican food. With the ingredients carefully diced, folded and inspected, the customer is served.

Our chef’s furry patron – eating off of the house’s finest poker chip – quickly crams two burritos down his carrot hole. Luckily, what he lacks in table manners, he makes up for in good looks. The meal receives two adorably stuffed cheeks from the customer. RELATED: This Hamster’s Got the Noms, Y’all

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