A penguin robot tries to blend in with the locals in Antarctica

By Amy Jamieson
November 05, 2014 06:15 PM

There’s something wheel-y different about this penguin.

He’s fluffy and black and white, but doesn’t march like other emperor penguins – because he’s a remote-controlled robot.

In a YouTube video from the International Business Times, watch this fluffy robo-penguin infiltrate an emperor penguin colony to help a group of scientists study the shy birds who reside in Adélie Land, Antarctica.

The penguins seem to enjoy the company of the bot on wheels, which rolls right into the center of a baby penguin cuddle pile without a second look from anyone. (Jealous!)

But the robot’s mission isn’t just to explore the infinite cuteness of these creatures. The International Business Times says researchers are using the rovers to scan microchipped emperor penguins so that they can check their heart rates, and covertly study penguin social behaviors without scaring the animals.

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