Funny Video: This Is Why Filming Cat Videos Can Be Hazardous

Watch before attempting to capture footage of your feline

It’s the dark underbelly of the cat filming industry that nobody wants to talk about.

Well, we’re not afraid to bring it to the forefront here, with this video of a cat owner completely eating it whilst filming her feline.

It’s time people realized that the art of capturing cats on video can be hairy – especially when you’re walking backward with a camera phone in your hand, like the star of this video. As the camerawoman gets footage of her kitty kneading away on a cat scratcher, she attempts to get a better glimpse – and that’s where things go wrong.

The next thing we know, said cat owner’s feet are in the air and her cat is trying to sniff out what exactly happened, like a detective scoping out a crime scene (for clarity’s sake, we’ll call this cat cop Detective Olivia Benson).

Tape on the floor outlining the body would serve as the purr-fect reminder not to film kitties unless your feet are fur-mly planted on the ground. Watch Another Funny Video: This Dog Is Every Teenager Ever

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