Funny Video: This Dog REALLY Doesn't Want to Leave the Dog Park

Meet a husky who howls like he's in pain when it's time to leave the dog park

Breaking bad news to your dog can be ruff.

Especially when your dog is as passionate as this one, a husky who takes the news that it’s time to leave the dog park like a punch in the gut.

The pooch howls like he’s in pain when he’s informed it’s time to bid the dog park goodbye. There’s lots of whining and bellowing, and he turns his head away from his pleading owner in disgust.

The pup makes a scene that grabs even the other dogs’ attention (and, according to the video’s caption, it’s a daily occurrence). One of his pals needs to tell him: “Your friends are all laughing at you, buddy.”Watch Another Funny Video: Dog Makes Beeline for The Beach

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