We're giving this squirrel so much side-eye right now

It’s that time of year again. You know, when people use Halloween as a blanket excuse to scare the, uh, bamboo out of everyone.

Turns out members of the animal kingdom think it’s cute to spook their buddies, too – like this squirrel who hopped on a giant panda at the Toronto Zoo when she least expected it.

In the YouTube video, Er Shun is seen peacefully napping away on a log pile in her enclosure – dreaming of ways to eat bamboo, we assume – when a jolt suddenly tears her from her sweet slumber. It’s the squirrel, doing a brief yet boo-tiful dance on her back, before flying through the air like a bat.


While there’s no audio to prove it, our skilled attempt at lip-reading reveals that Er Shun uttered something like, “Is it me, or is something squirrelly going on around here?”

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