Don't you dare close your eyes or you'll miss this kitty masterpiece

Ladies and gentlemen, we are, indeed, in a whole new world.

This Halloween-loving Aladdin fan, who, by the way, is of the feline persuasion, is shining, shimmering and splendid, to quote Prince Ali Ababwa.

Continuing her Roomba-riding legacy – we couldn’t forget her shark costume, which changed the game for vacuum-loving pets everywhere – our new Princess Jasmine is a sassy cat taking in the unbelievable sights (and indescribable feelings) from her favorite method of transportation.

Watch the video above, and to quote Aladdin again, “Don’t you dare close your eyes.” You’ll miss this kitty masterpiece, duh. Watch Another Funny Video: No One Appreciates Pumpkins More Than This

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