Watch a group of capybaras enjoy a luxurious soak in a Japanese hot springs

By Drew Mackie
Updated February 18, 2015 03:20 PM

There are two things to know about capybaras. For one, these South American natives are the world’s largest rodents. And for another, they know exactly how to beat the winter chill.

The capybaras you see here live at the Saitama Children’s Zoo near Tokyo, Japan. They’re taking advantage of the luxurious hot springs water infused with citrus. It’s a tight fit for seven of these oversized hamsters. Each about the size of a large dog, they’re not leaving much room for you to join them.

However, you probably wouldn’t want to anyway. The video’s official description is in both Japanese and English, and the latter ends as follows: “Some black things in the bath are their poo. They have a habit of dropping in the water.”

That notwithstanding, capybaras enjoying Japanese hot springs has become a recurring viral hit. Bask in the warmth – just the warmth, nothing else – with these videos as well.