Charlie the beagle has got things covered, thanks

Dogs do amazing things for us in our time of need. They make us laugh when we’re sad, rescue us when we’re in danger, carry our groceries when we’re lazy (If you missed the one dog on the planet who does that, click here.)

Charlie the dog opens and closes doors all by himself. This is a great thing if your arms are full with groceries, but it’s something else entirely if you don’t feel like spending your afternoon at the dog park.

Which left us wondering: can Charlie just walk himself? According to the dog’s owner, the answer is no. “He is a beagle cats or fox on the way and he is gone,” his owner wrote in a comment on the dog’s YouTube video.

There are plenty of other things he can do all by himself and they’re captured on video, too. Like the time he rocked his kid sister to sleep in her crib with his paw and that other time he brought her toys when she was crying. No need to worry, folks. Charlie’s in charge! Watch Another Funny Video: Curious Cat Joins Humans in a Game of Mini Golf

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